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ESET Partner Programme

The internet security space is constantly evolving, and in order to remain relevant, endpoint security companies must adapt.

Those who offer the right solutions to their clients not only stay ahead of their competition, they are safe in the knowledge that their clients will remain loyal for years to come.

Even though a solution may have been a good fit before, technological changes make it a necessary requirement to keep adding to your product portfolio.

You could continue offering the same products.

But innovation and speed are the variables for success in today’s market.

The question remains, do your current cyber security vendors offer world renowned, innovative technology as well as local support designed to grow your business locally?

Probably not. Unless you are a partner with ESET Kenya that is.

Here are some of the reasons why partnering with ESET Kenya will grow your business.

Benefit 1: Financial Benefits

It almost seems obvious – but every business wants to increase their profitability.

But increasing profitably with low margins is difficult.

The solution is partnering with ESET who affords your company the opportunity to gain generous margins on products – the highest in the region.

Combine that with our competitively priced software, annuity income and increasing partner margins via a promotion track, your business can grow sustainably over the longer term.

As part of our commitment to your growth, we are fully focused on our channel.

This means we simply do not deal direct with your clients. We believe in our partners, their local teams and their ability to service the market.

ESET Partner Programme

Benefit 2: Local, Kenyan Support Team.

As a Kenyan company, you have unique needs when dealing with your local clients.

Understanding your clients, in a local context is most likely a priority of your business.

But is it a priority for your current vendor?

One of the unique advantages of ESET is our ability to offer local support that is tailored to your context.

Our offices, led by Country Manager, Teddy Njoroge, and his team of Kenyan locals are based in Westlands, Nairobi.

ESET Partner Programme
ESET Kenya: Lynette Waweru, Teddy Njoroge and Dennis Koome

This high level of local, specialised support means that as an ESET Kenya partner, you will benefit from our technical, sales and marketing expertise to assist with deal closure, technical support and onsite training.

Benefit 3: Close more deals, faster. 

Speed is essential in today’s fast paced world. Your customers expect it, and so does your sales team.

So why are you spending so much time waiting to process quotes, new orders or invoices?

As an ESET Partner, you will have access to our innovative PartnerZone, which is an online portal accessible 24/7.

ESET Partner ProgrammeIt enables you to quote, order and invoice smoothly, as the processes are all real-time.

We also offer internal and demo licensing, as well as proof of concept support which is an essential part of the sales process.

Still need more help to close those deals?

Our Partner Wiki is packed with different types of technical, sales and marketing content to assist in business creation and support daily activities.

Combined with the above, we are also happy to attend client meetings with you to help close important deals.

Benefit 4: Easily expand your product portfolio

As already discussed, offering the right products to your clients in an ever-changing IT Security Space is a challenge.

Your clients need to know their needs are being met, and you need to be sure the products in your portfolio are the best in breed solutions.

As a solution to this, and to further prove our commitment to growing your business, our partners can easily expand their business with a holistic product portfolio covering the most pertinent IT Security issues, including:

  • Antivirus and Antimalware
  • Data Loss Prevention
  • Encryption
  • Security Awareness Training to combat Ransomware
  • Penetration and vulnerability testing

All products are easily onboarded into your current portfolio including your sales and technical processes.

Benefit 5: A Partnership Based on True, Local Values

Partnerships just work better when both sides are 100% invested in the venture.

To start you up, our Customer Services Team is available on email or telephonically from 9am-5pm, 5 days a week to assist you with any queries you may have, whether they be sales, technical or marketing related.

We offer onsite sales and technical training and online training and certifications through the ESET Education Centre to ensure that your teams are well prepared to service your clients.

Appointments can be arranged with Country Manager, Teddy Njoroge.

Honesty and fairness are big values at ESET – we hold them central to doing business in Kenya.

We ensure that partners have easy access to our team locally, and form a partnership based on trust and local values.

We work hard to live up to our promises.


You know the internet security space is rapidly changing and choosing the right vendor is a big decision that can make a significant change to your company.

Choosing to partner with ESET has many benefits, but we would prefer to talk to you directly if you feel that ESET would make a significant difference to your current product portfolio and profit margins.

ESET Partner Programme

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Coming to terms with cyber security nightmare 0 969

Teddy Njoroge

Last year internet security companies made forecasts about possible cyber-threats to really worry about this year. This we followed with measures that companies and individuals needed to take to ensure a cyber-safe 2018. Paramount among these was the need for proactive use of protective software tools as well as sensitisation and training of users about these threats.

True to predictions, 2018 started with a scenario hardly anyone could have foreseen. Two serious design vulnerabilities in Computer Central Processing Units (CPUs) were exposed that could enable cyber-criminals to steal sensitive or private information such as passwords, documents and photos among other data from unsecured devices.

The “Meltdown and Spectre” CPU vulnerabilities point to a much larger underlying issue. Software bugs and hardware bugs are more common than not, but these once identified can be fixed fairly easily with either a software patch or firmware update for hardware issues.

However, as it turns out this is not possible with these two vulnerabilities as they are caused by a design flaw in the hardware architecture, only fixable by replacing the actual hardware. And that is where the problems begin.

CPUs of affected manufacturers such as AMD, ARM, Intel, among others appear in a lot of Internet of Things (IoT) devices and which are scattered all over the globe.

According to ARM, they are already “securing” a trillion (1,000,000,000,000) devices. Granted, not all ARM CPUs are affected, but if even 0.1 per cent of them are, it still means a billion (1,000,000,000) affected devices.

Due to the huge costs involved, it is not feasible to replace all these faulty CPUs. In reality people will keep their existing devices until end of their life cycles, for years even.

Deployed for countless and diverse applications in the households or offices, once operational many owners have most likely forgotten that they have them and which inherently leaves a giant gap for cybercriminals to exploit.

Any Wi-Fi-controlled device such as refrigerator, digital picture frames, Smart TVs, DVRs and PVRs etc., potentially provides opportunity for sensitive data to be lost. For example, a compromised Wi-Fi password for any of these can make it possible for anyone to hack your home or office network thus giving automatic access to any other connected platform such as emails, social media pages and even shared cloud or archive platforms.

Even though to get access to your IoT device, a would be attacker needs to have compromised the internet network already, or even the applications running on the device, we know that cyber-criminals just like a pack of wolves will not relent after smelling blood.

As a warning, when you are buying a new IoT device, ensure to check which CPU it is running on, and if that CPU is affected by these vulnerabilities.


ESET Security for IoT 0 1253


IoT is a phrase used often in the cyber security space, but what does it really mean? IoT stands for Internet of Things and to put it simply, refers to any device that can be connected to the internet. This is no longer just computers or cellphones but also refers to Smart TV’s and fridges, coffee machines, headphones, speakers, wearable tech, cars and soon enough, pretty much anything.

A more formal definition of IoT given by TechTarget

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a system of interrelated computing devices, mechanical and digital machines, objects, animals or people that are provided with unique identifiers and the ability to transfer data over a network without requiring human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction.

With all of these connections, IoT provides endless opportunities but also poses dangers.

These dangers include:

  • Your devices being used to spy on you using capabilities such as cameras or voice recording software
  • Devices being hacked to obtain personal information or to take over functionality of the device
  • In addition to this, having multiple devices connected to the internet opens further opportunities for these devices to bypass firewalls and access other devices on your network.

To help protect your IoT devices, your home network, and even your favorite shopping or social website—ESET has enhanced the Connected Home Monitor feature within its recently released home products, available to try or upgrade to for free.

How the ESET connected home monitor addresses these dangers

The ESET connected home monitor includes IoT vulnerability detection, a router-connected smart devices test, and a catalog list of connected devices on your network.

Connected home monitor

The enhanced feature is continuously updated to detect and alert you to new devices connected to your network, as well as the latest vulnerabilities affecting your devices. If a vulnerability is found in a device, ESET will report the cause and possible steps you can make to fix it, such as changing default configurations or updating the device’s firmware from the manufacturer.

Start protecting your home today with ESET’s home security products – click here.